Todd {Family} | Killeen family photographer

I met this family today, and little "O" wasn't exactly happy about me with the camera, you would never know it since he gave me lots of smiles :) "T" Family I hope you enjoy your sneak preview!


Pitu {Family} | Killeen family photographer

I met this family last year for maternity pictures, and again for newborn, welcoming little "N" to the world. I can't believe he is almost one!


Garcia {Family} | Killeen family photographer

I have photographed this family and portions of it many times, always so much fun!


Kunde {Family} | Killeen family photographer

I had the priviledge to meet this adorable family for their Christmas/pre-deployment pictures just a few months ago, and the man of the house was home for R&R and I got to capture their family again :)


Idle Chatter: New props 2

Making new hats for props for the older crowd is fun!


Idle Chatter: New props

I have decided to start making custom TuTus by request for sessions. I can also make hair accessories to match. The option to buy the TuTu after the session is also available :)


2011 Senior Reps

Now accepting applications for my 2011 Seniors Reps!

Chosen senior rep will get:
A FREE session!
Unlimited clothing and location changes.
You can bring a friend as well!
(session must be conducted before school starts)

10 web-sized/watermarked images for social networking (facebook, myspace etc.)
50 senior rep cards with YOUR image to pass out to your friends
A 4x6 brag book

You will get a $25 print credit for every referral.
(your friends should either tell me you sent them or to show me your rep card)

You must have parental permission to participate.
Each senior rep will be required to sign an exclusivity contract with Morgan Kervin Photography.
Applications are due by June 30, 2010.
$75 due at the time of your session and will be credited toward print purchase.

You may fill out your form here.

Send your picture to


Prop Love: Mudpies & Pigtails

A new blog section! I will be sharing links to fabulous props....just a little PROP LOVE!

Today is
Monique has some seriously cute props! Hats, headbands, tutus...and more! All are absolutely adorable, and I know just looking through her blog you will want to buy everything she offers :)
If you have a prop from her, feel free to leave a link to an image showing it off, and leave some rave reviews!

Share the prop love!

Chloe {Child} | Killeen child photographer

Such a cute little girl, and she sings and dances! Good Luck at your recital "C"


Tutorial: Upcoming! Contouring

It's not like he needs it, but it just adds a little oomph to his already chiseled body. This also works on contouring women, and faces.

                            Before                                                       After


Tutorial: Enhancing the lips

I have posted a tutorial similar to this, but I have had a few people have trouble with it, so I am revising and posting an updated one :)

Start by duplicating your layer:

Set your new layer to soft light blend mode:

It will look like this in soft light blend mode:

Then you will put a high pass filter:

Set the high pass filter to 5:

Select your dodge tool (the magnifying glass):

Set it at the following: Size: small enough to fit in lips. Range: highlights. Exposure: around 15%

The dodged lips will look like this:

Next select your burn tool (the hand): Set to the following, Size: small enough to fit in lips. Range: midtones. Exposure: 50%

Burned lips:

Close up of before and after:

Dre {Model} | Killeen model photographer

Another session preview!


Melissa {Maternity} | Killeen maternity photographer

I had the chance to meet this lovely momma-to-be today. Talk about a perfect belly!


IHF: Fix it Friday

Opened in ACR. Added contrast, and adjusted exposure.
Lightened skin, defined eyes, adjusted levels. Performed my skin color fix. Burned background. Added warmth. Reduced noise, and ran high pass filter.

Original version below:

Free Stuff: Print order form!

There are so many ways to do print orders, this way helps me stay on top of things, since it includes a thumbnail of the image AND the file number. This is completely customizable. Change the font, color, sizes...everything, or change nothing. Download the form here


Session: Furry friends

I haven't photographed any pets, but today a friend of mine brought her princess over and let me get a few shots :)


Lily {Child} | Killeen child photographer

How adorable! She looks like a little vintage doll.


Free: 5x5 template

Download the 5x5 image template for free here!

IHF: Celebrating mom



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