Tutorial: RAW can save your image

It happens all the time. You have a feisty little one that insists on running so you try to keep up, then unknowingly you step into a poor lighting area, but the kid gives you that adorable look and you must snap the image....but oh no the shutter speed was too fast and now that perfect image is too dark :( JPEG only gives you so much room to adjust the image before it is seriously damaged. RAW gives you the control to save the image! So what do you do? Open the RAW image in ACR or equivalent and bump up the exposure, contrast, clarity and vibrance. Edit to taste. Where you would have to trash that perfect, but dark image in JPEG you can save and present from RAW.


  1. It took me a long time to finally make the commitment to shoot in RAW, and I was so glad when I did. I rarely go back to jpeg, but when Ido it's nice to know I can open those files in the raw editor of PSE7, too. It helps!

  2. can someone tell me (i have a rebel t1i if you can "shoot in raw") maybe a stupid question but i'm still learning. i know how to open them image as a "raw" image in pse, is that what you're referring to??

  3. @ Rock n Royalty Photography
    Yes you can :)
    It should be where you would change the settings for the quality of your image.
    Jpeg Fine
    Jpeg Basic
    RAW + Jpeg

  4. ok, so when i try to shoot in raw, here's what happens: i shoot in manual, and i get my settings where they need to be for proper exposure, and then i upload to lightroom. and as i'm watching my images upload in lr, i see them appear at the exposure i took them in, and then suddenly they get darker. this only happens when i shoot in raw. it seems to ruin my exposure. it's kept me from wanting to shoot in raw. is this normal?

  5. I don't use LR so I can't say for sure. Are you seeing both the jpeg and RAW versions? The jpeg will be lighter and the RAW darker.....

  6. Ms. Morgan

    Would you mind doing a brief explanation as to how to convert the NEF files, pretty please?
    I selected to shoot Raw+Jpeg when I try to open the NEF files in CS2 I receive an error message.
    I tried several times searching and reading to find answers and always become disgruntled and return to shooting Jpeg.


  7. Your camera's version of RAW may not be compatible with your version of Photoshop.
    What camera are you using?

  8. Ok, so I'm UNBELIEVABLY excited! I finally figured it out!
    I downloaded the adobe DNG Converter to convert the NEF files to DNG and then I am able to open in ACR!
    I also installed the latest plug-in for ACR

  9. I love your website! I am a new photographer, and wanted to understand RAW a little more. Do you have a certain setting on your camera? I have PSE 9 and Canon t2i. Or is this something you do when you downloade the image? I appreciate your time and all your knowledge!


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