Tutorial: Making a storyboard/template

Very easy to do :)

First you make a blank file the size you need. File>blank file and put in whatever dimensions you need. It is good to have more space instead of less.
I fill the layer with whatever color I want, usually white.

Then I select to view my grid so that I get even squares. You can view your grid by going to view>grid. You can edit the spacing of the grid by edit>preferences>grid/rulers.

Next I use my rectangular marquee tool so that I can select my squares.
I select the top right square.

I Ctrl+J to set just the selected square onto it's own layer.

I go back to the bottom layer, the one that is filled completely with white. I use my marquee tool again and select the top middle square. Ctrl+J to duplicate only the newly selected square and put it on it's own layer.

I do this with the remaining squares. Always go back to the bottom layer.
To place your images onto the template file>place and select your image. Move that image in your layers to just above the square you want the image to occupy. Adjust the size.

Then to make the image fit just inside the desired square Ctrl+G to group it with that layer.

Do this with each square and you will have a finished storyboard/template/collage.


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  1. I can't wait to try this - so simple, yet so effective! THANKS MORGAN!



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