Tutorial: Adding sky

First open your image. This is a great example of how on cloudy day everything is great but you can miss the beautiful blue sky.

Use your magic wand to select the sky

Once the sky is selected Ctrl+J to put the sky on it's own layer

Then file>place and select the sky you would like to put in

Adjust the size and placement

Once you have it in place Ctrl+G to group it with the blank sky you selected earlier

Often when you select the blank sky it cuts off abruptly, so I like to select the blank sky layer and gaussian blur so that it blends nicely

From there flatten and continue editing as normal :)

Feel free to use the varying skies I have posted under Free Stuff: Sky


  1. Yeaaaaa!! That was so much easier that guessing my way though it!! Thanks, Morgan!

  2. Thank you!
    Easy when someone shows you how!
    And the free skies are great!

  3. Great tutorial! I guess i haven't thought of this option before! Now I am WAITING on a cloudy sky to try it! lol

  4. I couldn't get it to work. I got to the place and sky image and then I adjusted it and clicked on the check mark. Then, I was stuck. I hit the control G and I saw a group open but it was still just the sky image. What am I missing? Thank you! I am using CS4

  5. Make sure you select the sky that you want to replace and put it on it's own layer, separate from the original. Then put the new sky and group it with the old sky. If you still have trouble let me know :)

  6. I'm having the same problem as the previous commenter. I put the new sky on a new layer and when I press ctrl g nothing happens. So i dragged them to that new group layer and still nothing.. I'm using CS2 idk if that makes a difference.

  7. You should have 3 images in your layers palette.

    1. Your main image
    2. Just your sky that you don't like
    3. The new replacement sky

    You will Ctrl+G the new sky to the old sky.

  8. i have been searching for an easy way to add sky! Thank you so much

  9. Morgan, I am having the same problem as the other two previous posters.

    I do have three images in the layers palette. Then when I hit CTRL G it adds a little layer with a folder that says "group 1".

    It remains the same and the new sky doesn't replace the old sky. What am I doing wrong?

  10. If you use PS you will use ctrl+alt+g
    PSE users will do ctrl+g

  11. Still nothing. :( What do you mean by "then put the new sky and group it with the old sky." I have the sky layer highlighted when I push ctrl+alt+g but nothing happens. Sorry if I'm being a bother. I'm using CS4.


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