Light + Vision Giveaway

1.Why Photography? (What is it about photography that draws you to it?)
Why photography...well why not? It's like being GOD of your own world. I can decide the light or lack there of, the composition, the characters, the reason, the meaning...everything! If one day I want to have an underwater sea adventure I can. If I want to go to Camelot I can. If I want to create my own new world I can! The control and creative freedom I can have is endless. So many possibilities, the only thing that can dampen the wonderful thing that is photography is by limiting myself.  Photography is imagination at it's best.

2.Why would you like to attend the workshop?
There is nothing like having a room full of creative people! The great thing about creative people is that we feed off of one another, someone's simple idea can spark another in someone else and that idea can landslide to someone across the world and create a work of art like none other. A workshop (I have never been to one) would be a monumental stepping stone in my life, it would help me to open up to new ideas that I would have otherwise never come across. A chance to learn from a phenomenal artist. To be in the same room as such a visionary would be an honor, much less to learn first hand would be nothing short of extraordinary.