Idle Chatter: Tutorial Requests

I am gathering requests for tutorials. If you want to see how to do something or want me to figure it out let me know and I will see about doing it.


  1. Wow...thats wonderful!!
    how abt macro for dummies??i recently started exploring the macro settings and would like to venture more into it.It wud be gr8 to know all abt it....reversing rings,macro filters and extension tubes(the cheaper substitutes for a macro lens)...their pros n cons!!Thank u:)

  2. What an amazing offer! Thanks Morgan!

    I would love to see a tutorial about lighting. I have a basic knowledge (frontlight, backlight, sidelight, etc.) already. But I recently purchased a set of umbrella lights with stands (one mini stand) and a backdrop set up. (I also have a 5-1 reflector.) I would really love some tips on the best way to set these up for studio shots. And maybe some tips on how to use the different "sides/colors" of the reflector.

    You are awesome and I'm in awe of your work. I've been using your tips and it's changed my photography exponentially! Thank you!

  3. sugirox: I can do that :)

    Shari: I will definitely do was on my radar to do this weekend :)

  4. Hi Morgan

    I've only recently discovered your wonderful blog.

    A couple of ideas from me:

    Using external flash - I've recently bought one and could really do with a few pointers.

    Following on from your last post - Processing RAW and how not to over do it!!! I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with RAW. I can't settle on using it and keep flicking back to JPEG and then taking a great shot where the lighting is rubbish.



  5. Oh how I hate external flash....but I can show you how to use it :) My best advice for it, if you use it outside as a fill then just use as normal. If your using for inside, bounce off the ceiling.

    RAW: I can write a tutorial for that. The way I tell someone just starting to edit how to not over do it: When you think you like it take it back down a few notches. Or leave it right before you like it. I go back and forth before I finally make up my mind. I go from the original to the edited to make sure I haven't gone too far.

  6. I would love one on Perfect Portrait Action form coffee shop. I love the baby powder room but Ive been doing some SRs and would love some tuts on them!

  7. I too hate the external flash.. I feel like it slows me down too much.. especially when trying to take photos of kids.. I have a really nice flash that I really hate :P

  8. How about the best way to get rid of distractions in the background? I saw you had posted a pic of a girl standing on a bridge but you removed the bridge! What tools did you use? That would make for a great tutorial :) thanks you rock!

  9. Also one on how you make your cute logos and maybe a business card...

  10. Hey Morgan. What about a blue eye tut? I have never seen one. I use your brown eyed one for everything! I love it, but I really need a way to make blue eyes POP


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