Belmonte {Family} | Killeen family photographer

My friends, my clients :) the B family is one of my favorites to shoot. Their daughter is just a few months younger than mine and ADORABLE!


Possible Tutorials

Possible tutorials that have been requested so far

Adding texture:

Selective coloring:

Tutorial requests!

Have you seen something and want to know how to do it? Want me to figure out something new and you have an idea? I am taking requests for my next tutorials and possible future tutorials.

IHF: Fix it Friday

The original

My edit

I use PSE 7.  I bumped up the contrast, and vibrancy. Warmed it up, boosted the saturation. High pass filter, noise reduction filter, multiply and screen blend modes. Unsharp mask. Burned the edges.

Idle Chatter: My son the wannabe model

He ♥ to take pictures, always posing and taking direction so well. He stays put and looks so handsome doing it :) He is only 4! I talked to him and decided that I am going to see about getting him representation to model. Any profits he makes will go toward a savings account for him to use once he is 18. What do you think?


Idle Chatter: New Backgrounds!

I started out with black, white, and mix black&white muslin backdrops....not my favorites, because they tend to get wrinkly. ewww

So I finally invested in some seamless paper backgrounds :D Can you say EXCITED! I am in love ♥ ♥ ♥


I heart faces: Smiles


Light + Vision Giveaway

1.Why Photography? (What is it about photography that draws you to it?)
Why photography...well why not? It's like being GOD of your own world. I can decide the light or lack there of, the composition, the characters, the reason, the meaning...everything! If one day I want to have an underwater sea adventure I can. If I want to go to Camelot I can. If I want to create my own new world I can! The control and creative freedom I can have is endless. So many possibilities, the only thing that can dampen the wonderful thing that is photography is by limiting myself.  Photography is imagination at it's best.

2.Why would you like to attend the workshop?
There is nothing like having a room full of creative people! The great thing about creative people is that we feed off of one another, someone's simple idea can spark another in someone else and that idea can landslide to someone across the world and create a work of art like none other. A workshop (I have never been to one) would be a monumental stepping stone in my life, it would help me to open up to new ideas that I would have otherwise never come across. A chance to learn from a phenomenal artist. To be in the same room as such a visionary would be an honor, much less to learn first hand would be nothing short of extraordinary.

Tutorial: 300 style

Before I begin I will say that each image, no matter how many times you do it will not turn out the same. Each adjustment is made to taste and completely depends on your image.

Start out with your image and adjust the blacks, contrast, and clarity (along with any exposure/fill adjustments) in ACR

Once your image is open let's do a little work on the sky. Make a new layer and a black brush and paint over the sky.

Now we need to blur the edges and set the blend mode on the new layer to overlay.

Now for one of the "secrets" add a sepia tone to your image.

You will need to adjust the sepia down until you see color in your image again. This is not an exact number it depends on your taste.

Next you want duplicate the layer and add an unsharp mask to your image to get the rough look. Enhance>unsharp mask

Then you want to erase any parts that are too dark (such as her face)

Then you run CoffeeShop Perfect Portrait  and do the following:
Turn the brightness off
Vivid color over sky set to 50%
Color pop off
Urban grit on grass and trees set to 15%
Burn sky at 35%
Vignette at 30%
(all adjustable according to taste and image)

Then you add an adjustment layer to add more color

Finally you add some warmth, I used Pioneer Womans warmer action

Lastly as always the before and after

Tutorial: Adjustment layer>levels

If you don't utilize this, you should! It will help even out that skin tone, add contrast, and color.

Idle Chatter: New backdrop

I finally decided to invest in some Savage Seamless paper backgrounds...well one for now :) I am going to be ordering a few more colors this week though. I just got this Tulip color in and I love it!


Idle Chatter: Father's Day Mini


Tutorial: Making a storyboard/template

Very easy to do :)

First you make a blank file the size you need. File>blank file and put in whatever dimensions you need. It is good to have more space instead of less.
I fill the layer with whatever color I want, usually white.

Then I select to view my grid so that I get even squares. You can view your grid by going to view>grid. You can edit the spacing of the grid by edit>preferences>grid/rulers.

Next I use my rectangular marquee tool so that I can select my squares.
I select the top right square.

I Ctrl+J to set just the selected square onto it's own layer.

I go back to the bottom layer, the one that is filled completely with white. I use my marquee tool again and select the top middle square. Ctrl+J to duplicate only the newly selected square and put it on it's own layer.

I do this with the remaining squares. Always go back to the bottom layer.
To place your images onto the template file>place and select your image. Move that image in your layers to just above the square you want the image to occupy. Adjust the size.

Then to make the image fit just inside the desired square Ctrl+G to group it with that layer.

Do this with each square and you will have a finished storyboard/template/collage.


Tutorial: Adding sky

First open your image. This is a great example of how on cloudy day everything is great but you can miss the beautiful blue sky.

Use your magic wand to select the sky

Once the sky is selected Ctrl+J to put the sky on it's own layer

Then file>place and select the sky you would like to put in

Adjust the size and placement

Once you have it in place Ctrl+G to group it with the blank sky you selected earlier

Often when you select the blank sky it cuts off abruptly, so I like to select the blank sky layer and gaussian blur so that it blends nicely

From there flatten and continue editing as normal :)

Feel free to use the varying skies I have posted under Free Stuff: Sky

Free Stuff: Sky



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