Idle Chatter: A great shopping day

Today I went to get some plywood to go under some "wood floor" paper I have. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if they had any laminate or snap together wood floors at a discount or that they were throwing out. The fabulous thing happened that they had thrown out 18 boxes worth of hardwood planks! :O

The man led me to the aisle with the hard wood floors and said "I can part with this, the box is open." This was a $70 box full of hard wood flooring! He gave it to me just because the plastic holding the planks in was open. The floor is in perfect condition and FREE!

So my fellow photogs, if you want that beautiful hardwood floor look for props go up or call your local home improvement store and see if they are throwing any out. I suggest you call first thing in the A.M. to get dibs.


  1. What an amazing idea. I love the flooring in the picture!!

  2. That was lucky! I did the same trick with the wallpaper for my backgrounds-I used some here


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